Our Church Leadership


Pastor: Sara Jane Nixon

        Email: pastor@newdublinpres.org

        Phone: (540) 674-6147

Secretary: Margaret Hurst

        Email: office@newdublinpres.org

        Phone: (540) 674-6147

Organist: Christine Warden

Pianist: Janet Flory

Choir Director: Lisa Kegley




The Presbyterian Church has a representational form of government.  This means that local congregations elect a group of elders called a session to serve as the governing body.  Elders are men and women who strengthen and nurture Christian faith and oversee the life and work of the church as guided by Scripture and the Confessions of the PC(USA).  As elected by the congregation and ordained to serve God, elders submit joyfully to the Lordship of Christ in all aspects of life.  Elders serve the session for three years but are ordained for life.


Class of 2018

Richard Ely

Laura Flory

Tommy Tabor

Peggy Taylor


Class of 2019

Jim Cook

Dave Dobyns

Teresa Leonetti

Jan Woodward 


Class of 2020

Jim Bell

Rodney Gearheart

Sandra Johnson

E.J. Vaught




November 19, 2019

Sunday Schedule: 

10:00 - Adult Sunday School 

11:00 - Worship 


A children's Worship and Wonder service is available during 11am worship. 



Building Security Responsibilities and Refreshments




Cemetery Registry







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